Friday, June 06, 2008

Moonrise Cafe - Lakewood Towne Center

Moonrise Cafe
6020 Main Streeet SW
Lakewood, WA 98466


We happened to stumble on the Moonrise Cafe a couple
weeks ago, ironically on our way to find a different restaurant
we had in mind at the time. What a great surprise! This cozy
little cafe is located in the Lakewood Towne Center, on the
extreme South end, near the Firestone store. Doesn't look
like much outside - just another strip mall spot. But it's
worth the stop inside.

They are only open for breakfast (served all day) and
lunch, closing at 2:00, closed on Mondays. The menu is
what we would call 'upscale diner' - not snotty bistro fare,
not greasy dross like a truck stop diner. Nicely done,
interesting variations on standard breakfast and lunch meals
seem their specialty.

The day we were there (Friday last week), we arrived at
noon sharp and found only one table left open. But despite
the large crowd (seats around 30), the service was top-notch.
We had water and attention in moments, and the entire time
from sit-down to getting our meals was just under 15 minutes,
even with the full house. I had the bacon & egg basic breakfast
(always a good test - if a place can't do bacon and eggs,
fuhgettaboutit!). The bacon was thick and crisp, and not short
in quantity. Freshly boiled, peeled, and shredded potatoes made
up the hash browns, which were cooked to perfection (not that
yukky half 'raw' thing that most diners offer). Topped off with
large eggs, home made bread for the toast, and freshly made
raspberry jam.

Anne had the cob salad - one of many items on the menu
served with their unique 'little loaf of bread' - a freshly baked
mini loaf that comes with many of the lunch entres. The salad
was served with a unique and quite yummy homemade dressing,
and overall looked very nice and tasted even better.

The atmosphere is light and inviting - no snotty bistro here!
Clean everywhere, neatly arranged, and a warm and friendly
staff who seem to have 'empty cup' radar for coffee and water.

Great place for a quick (30 minutes and we were gone) lunch or a
lingering breakfast with rich hot coffee in a never-empty cup. 4
Spoons overall - not to shabby!

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Carlos Mota said...

True that they have an art wall there too?