Saturday, March 03, 2007

Our rating system - Stars and Spoons

Our rating system is quite simple - 1 - 5 stars for each basic category: Taste, Service, Speed, Price vs. Value, Menu Choices, Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Overall 'Vibe', and the most important, the Rating of the Spoons. This is an overall rating that is based on a rounded-up average of the Star Ratings , and is intended as an overall opinion of our experience. One spoon means very poor, and 5 means we highly recommend. For the truly exceptional experience we hold the coveted Golden Spoon award:

Only the finest of the fine get this award.

However, we must sadly also state that the worst of the worst - those places that are so wretched that we really think no one should go there for any reason - the Mr. Yuk award:

So that's about it.

Follow us along as we venture around the US (ok - mostly the West) and try to weed out the Golden Spoons from the Mr. Yuk dives.

Dave & Anne
Roamin' Reviewers