Saturday, March 03, 2007

Welcome to Dave and Anne's Roamin' Reviews

Welcome to Dave and Anne's Roamin' Reviews restaurant review blog. As traveling sales folk, we see a lot of the US as well as destinations outside our borders. Based in University Place, Washington - just a little West of Tacoma, about 30 miles South of Seattle - we of course have a lot to say about the local eateries. But we are frequently in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Boston, Taichung Taiwan, and other locations. Unless you read the local papers in each area, you're not likely to know what restaurants rule and which suck. So we'll help you out.

Here no one is spared. We hit the high end posh places and the low end dives, and everyone gets treated equally. And each place generally only gets one shot - if it sucks the day we're there, then we say it sucks. We don't go back and try different items, different times, different staff rotations. Nope. It better be good when we're there or we write about it.

So keep an eye out here - maybe one of your favorite places will be praised or panned any day soon.

Dave and Anne - The Roamin' Reviewers - February 2007